Just a quick update (I will post a longer update later this week when I hopefully have faster wifi). This week, we have been working in nephrology. It is combined with the general pediatric ward at Hospital del Niño, so it has been a nice mix.

The doctors we are working with are nice but also talk to us less than the previous doctors we’ve worked with. They just seem busy all the time. But the residents are nice and willing to answer questions. One of the residents speaks English pretty well, which is a nice change. There are several interesting cases and sooo many sweet kiddos. One little 6 month old girl has suspected Apert’s syndrome (I had never heard of this, either)- it is basically a genetic syndrom where babies have craniosynostosis, meaning the bones in their skull fuse too soon and don’t allow their brain to grow properly which usually requires neurosurgery (which she has already had). Her fingers and toes also didn’t separate properly during development, which I believe is part of the syndrome. There is also another little girl that is my favorite. I believe she had cleft lip, and also has a tracheostomy (a tube through her throat to help her breathe). I am not sure of her whole story as her medical history is complicated, and even more complicated to understand in Spanish. But I do know that she was abandoned by her young mother at birth because of the way she looked. Such a sad story for a beautiful little girl. I would just love to take her home with me!! She LOVES to play with toys all the time and the nurses (and even the other mothers in the unit, since there are around 12 beds in one big room) come play with her all the time. She has one particular toy that makes tons of noise- a Doc McStuffins phone that sings and plays songs when you press the numbers. Today it was hard for me to hear the presentations on rounds because she kept pressing the buttons and the song played over and over haha. She smiles and giggles and is the cutest thing ever.

Other casesthat we have seen this week in case you are interested- nephrotic syndrome (not sure of the cause at this point but they plan on doing a kidney biopsy soon), non-Hodkins lymphoma, a couple inguinal hernia cases (apparently the beds were full in the surgery unit so they were hangig out on the general peds unit), a little girl with recurrent UTIs, a boy with severe anemia (Hemoglobin of 4 on admission…although I could have understood that wrong on rounds) that was vomiting blood and required many transfusions, TTP, and bronchopulmonary dysplasia.

There is also a hemodialysis unit which has 2 beds for dialysis patients. I saw a young patient yesterday getting dialysis but have not actually been in the unit yet.

We also had our last meeting with Doctora Uribe last night and she lectured on teenage pregnancy here in Bolivia. More on that later! Hope you all are having a fantastic week so far!




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