Airport Adventures

image  Hello from the Miami airport! Judithe and I left Dayton yesterday afternoon at 3pm and were supposed to arrive in La Paz this morning at 6:30. However, we had delays with our first two flights and ended up missing the flight to La Paz last night. American airlines has been great to work with us and provided a room at the Miami International Airport Hotel last night as well as free meal vouchers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner today. I am also pretty excited that Judithe and I get to hang out with my cousin Joseph tonight, who is working on his PhD in Miami! So it could have been much worse. All part of the adventure, right? 🙂 Our new flight is tonight at 11:54pm, so we should get there tomorrow morning. I will update as soon as I can once we arrive! Happy Friday!


4 thoughts on “Airport Adventures

  1. Gah! So excited for you two!! I will be following your adventures through this blog! Thanks for keeping us in the loop with your stories and pictures. Have a great time. My prayers and thoughts are with you. Sending you much love.


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